Philosophy & Aim

Philosophy and Aim of the Degree in Estate Management

To produce competent Estate Surveyors and Valuers with sufficient technical knowledge and skill in order to optimize the use of land resources to facilitate economic development.

The main aims should be to:

  1. Instill in students an appreciation of the complex nature of the relationships between man and his environment.
  2. Involve the students in an intellectually stimulating and satisfying experience of learning and studying.
  3. Provide a broad and balanced foundation of the knowledge of land and buildings and their exploitation and use.
  4. Develop in students the ability to apply their analytical skills to the solution of theoretical and practical land resource problems.
  5. Develop in students, entrepreneurial skills of value in self-employment in the profession.
  6. Develop in the students survival skills in an ever changing economic, technological and political world.
  7. Lay the foundation on which students can proceed to further studies in specialized aspects of estate surveying practice or multi-disciplinary areas involving estate
    surveying and valuation.
  8. Create an appreciation of the importance of estate surveying and valuation in an industrial, environmental, economic and social context.
  9. Develop the students in the use of information technology in the effective management of land and the environment.

Nomenclature of Degree Programme

Bachelor of Science (Estate Management)