English Language is the instrument of communication in our post primary institutions, higher institutions as well as the official language of the country. Furthermore, English Language is a compulsory subject for secondary school students at all levels. As a result of this, there has been an ever-increasing challenge of having adequate number of qualified teachers of English Language especially in the secondary schools to teach the teaming student population in a reasonable teacher -pupil ratio.

Philosophy and Objectives

The degree programme is aimed at producing graduates who would have acquired sound intellectual capacity and communication skills in the English medium. It is expected to lay a strong foundation upon which teacher trainees will acquire the English Language and Literature communication skills in order to build their career prospects as Teachers.

The B.A. Ed (English Language) programme objectives are;

  1. acquisition of knowledge of the forms and structures of the English Language: native speaker and other varieties, including the Nigerian varieties of English;
  2. training in competent manipulation of the structures of English (oral and written) for effective communication in different domains
  3. critical acquisition of content samples of different forms and genres of Literature in English in their cultural contexts, native -speaker's varieties (English, American, etc), Nigerian and other African-Caribbean varieties.
  4. training of competent Teachers of English Language and Literature for the Secondary School level

Duration of the Programme

A minimum of eight (8) semesters for UTME candidates and six (6) semesters for direct entry candidates will be required for the award of the Bachelor of Education degree in English Language.