The Faculty of Humanities came into being in January 2006 when the University took off.  The Faculty began with three departments, namely: Department of English, Department of History and International Studies and Department of Communication and Media Studies.  In line with the NUC guidelines, the Department of Communication and Media Studies was transferred to the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences.  In October 2008 the Department of Religious Studies took off, offering Religious Studies and Christian Studies courses as subsidiary courses to students in the Faculty.  The Department now has its regular students at the 100 and 200 levels.

Programmes offered in this Faculty include:

  1. B.A. English
  2. B.A. Christian Studies *
  3. B.A. History & International Relations
  4. B.A. Religious Studies * 

* Special tuition concession is given to prospective applicants into B.A. Christian Studies & B.A. Religious Studies (₦150,000 per session)

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