B.Sc. Business Administration Programme

Business Administration Department is one of the departments in the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences that started from the inception of this institution.

The Department is designed to meet some requirements namely:

  1. The National University Commission minimum standards.
  1. The requirements for the award of relevant certificates such as Institute of Chartered Secretary, Chartered Institute of Personnel Management, National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria and the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria.
  1. The demand of the society in producing leaders, managers and entrepreneurs for better tomorrow .

 Entry Requirements

  1. Students intending to major in Business Administration must satisfy University and Faculty of Social and Management Sciences admission requirements. Such student must have had a minimum of five credits at ordinary level and which must include credits passes in English Language, Mathematics, Economics and one other social science subject at a sitting, or six credits at not more than two sittings.
  1. For a direct entry, “A” level or equivalent in Economics and one of Business Management, Accounting, Statistics, Mathematics, Geography and Government plus “O” level Credit passes in English Language and Mathematics.

 Degree Requirements

To be eligible for single honour B.Sc. Degree in Business Administration, a student must pass all the prescribed courses and obtain a minimum of 120 credits within the 4-year degree programme and 90 credit units within the 3-year degree programme

 Regulation on Course Selection

The Department operates a course unit system in a 2-semester academic year for the B.Sc honours degree. Students are required to take a list of approved courses and register for not less than 15 units and not more than 24 units in each semester

 Assessment Policy

All courses taught during a semester are examined at the end of that semester and candidates are credited with the number of units assigned to the course for which they have passed the examinations. The pass mark for a course is 45%. All courses are examined by continuous assessment through assignments and/or periodic tests. The marks scored through such Continuous Assessment do not constitute more than 30% of the total marks of the course. The format of examinations consists of written examination made up of essay type questions.

One external examiner from a reputable University participates in the conduct and moderation of the 400 level examinations and in the determination of the overall results in accordance with the general regulations governing the duties of the External Examiner