Philosopy & Objectives


As a department, within the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, Business Administration Department has, as its philosophy to develop the total being of our students. The curriculum is therefore aimed at developing the mind and imparting theoretical and practical knowledge that will encourage self reliance in the individual and of the nation. It is also aimed at enabling the student to understand, exploit, and if necessary, change the environment for the betterment of the society through the application of skills in business administration.


The above general philosophy would dictate the following specific objectives in relation to education in Business Administration. The objectives include:

1)  The provision of basic knowledge needed for an understanding and analysis of problems related to the management or administration of industrial, commercial, public and other human organizations;

2)  Equipping of students of Administration with the skills needed for recognizing and defining problems and taking appropriate decisions, using scientific techniques and tools;

3)  Inculcating in students an awareness of and sensitivity to environmental factors and conditions and their impact on managerial/ administrative practice and decisions;

4)  The development of leadership and interpersonal relations skills which are needed for working in organizations.