B.A. Christian Studies

The Department of Religious Studies is a three-or four-year programme that provides the graduates with a broad background towards a successful career in a variety of occupations and professions, as outlined in the philosophy and objectives of the University.

Entry Requirements


(i)         Student must satisfy the Faculty of Humanities and University admission requirements.  Such requirements include: five credits at Ordinary Level (SSCE, NECO) at a single sitting or six credits at not more than two sittings.  The credits must include: English Language, Bible Knowledge and any other three Arts or Social Sciences subjects.


(ii)        (a)        Five Ordinary Level Papers, including English Language. In addition the candidate must have at least two ‘A’ Level papers, one of which must be Religious Studies or    at least 2 ‘A’ Level IJMB, one of which must be Religious Studies. 


(b)        Diploma in Religious Studies OR Diploma in Theology from a recognized University OR Diploma in Theology awarded by Theological Institutions affiliated       to Universities, provided the candidate has five GCE or NECO papers including        English Language


(c)        Nigerian Certificate In Education with Christian Religious Studies as a teaching subject, provided the candidate has in addition five GCE/NECO papers including          English Language.

Degree Requirements

To be eligible for a single honours B.A. degree in Christian Studies, a student must pass all the prescribed courses and obtain a minimum of 120 credits in a four-year degree programme, or 90 credits in a three-year degree programme (for Direct Entry students).

Regulation on Course Selection

The Department operates a course unit system in a 2-semester academic year for the B.A. Honours Degree.  Students are required to take a list of approved courses and register for not fewer than 15 CREDITS and not more than 24 CREDITS in each semester.