Physics - Philosophy & Objective

The B.Sc. Honours Degree in Physics is conceived as a vehicle for serious academic learning and research geared towards development from the basic theory of Physics to the applications of that theory that will be beneficial to both the industry and government; a strong desire to achieve an enviable level of professionalism and entrepreneurship while maintaining good academic background germinating into a valuable industry-university relationship. In the lectures, emphasis is placed on identifying and understanding the principles of Physics, while the laboratory practicals and courses are designed to reinforce the understanding of existing theories which enables and paves the way to technological advancement and other applications of Physical with Electronics.


The objectives of the degree programme are to:

i. develop a modern curriculum that covers the theories and practice of the main aspects of Physics and Electronics

ii. subject students to such laboratory training that makes them familiar with the principles and methods of decision making, measurement, design and observations, as well as appreciation of various types of observational and other types of errors.

iii. equip students with adequate and relevant mathematical tools needed for solving problems.

iv. equip students with computer programming ability so as to benefit from modern and rapidly advancing information technology.

v. train students in basic workshops practice such that they acquire the competence to design, fabricate and repair some basic devices and equipment.

vi. produce graduates that would fill the manpower needs in the appropriate areas of the national economy, including energy and power and communication sectors for sustainable development with some entrepreneurship urge and skill.

vii. make curricula content up-to-date and relevant to the nation’s technological and domestic needs

viii. produce excellent trainable graduates for further academic work.

ix. create in students the awareness of new developments in Electronics and Physics.

x. expose the students to state-of-the-art technology and industrial practice through the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES); and

xi. expose the department and the faculty to attract and accommodate the desirable set of students whose original intention was to study in an area of Physics.