B.Sc. Microbiology Programme - Philosophy and Objectives

The Microbiology Programme equips graduates with knowledge, skills and techniques in the various specializations of Microbiology which are relevant to the needs and challenges of the country. Their exposure to relevant local industries for practical experience complements their classroom and laboratory exercises so that they are adequately trained to work at various sectors of the economy. These include: Hospitals, Research Institutions, Food and Dairy Industries, Breweries, Beverages producing industries, Water and Waste water treatment plants, Agriculture and Pest control programmes and many others.


Microbiology as an important area of study in Biological Sciences:
i. provides some of the most accessible research tools for probing the nature of life sciences.
ii. deals with many important theoretical and practical problems in Science, Medicine, Pharmacy, and analytical work; and
iii. plays major roles in the study of soil fertility, animal production and many large scale industrial processes.