B.A. History & International Studies


The B.A. (Hons.) Degree in History & International Studies is a three-year or four-year programme that provides the graduate with a broad background towards a successful career in a variety of occupations and professions, as outlined in the philosophy and objectives of the University.

Entry Requirements

1. Students hoping to study for a B.A. Degree in History/International Studies must satisfy University and Faculty of Humanities’ admission requirements. They must have 5 credits at O/L (SSCE, NECO) at a single sitting or 6 credits at not more than two sittings. The credits must include English Language, History and or Government and any other
three subjects. Such candidates would also be expected to have attained a satisfactory level of performance in the UTME subjects: Use of English; History or Government; and any two Social Science subjects.

2. In addition to (1) above, Direct Entry candidates must have at least two ‘A’ Level passes or its equivalent in History and or Government, and any other subject from the Humanities or Social Sciences.

Degree Requirements

To be eligible for a single Honours B. A. Degree in History & International Studies, a student must pass all the prescribed courses and obtain a minimum of 120 credits within the four-year degree programme. Direct entry candidates are required to pass a minimum of 90 credits within the three-year degree programme.

Regulation on Course Selection

The Department operates a course unit system in a two-semester academic year for the B.A. Honours degree. Students are required to take a list of approved courses and register for not less than 15 units and not more than 24 units in each semester.