Geology Programme - Philosophy & Objective

The B.Sc. (Honours) degree in Geology is anchored on the basic sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics) just as it is with engineering. The training is geared towards building a strong technological background for Nigeria in a way comparable with what obtains in the developed economics. Our training therefore lays much emphasis on identifying, exploring and exploiting the natural resources for the advancement of our civilization and positive progress in human development. In pursuance of this policy, our students are very much exposed to practical training both in the field and laboratories in addition to giving them sound theoretical background so they can become sound geoscientists capable of serving Nigeria well in the areas of mineral prospecting or surveys, in petroleum, water, solid minerals, engineering, environmental sciences and related areas. Our programme is such that our students are prepared to take on the challenges of further research in the various sub-disciplines of Geology or Earth Sciences.


The objectives of the degree programme include:
i. development of up-to-date curriculum that covers the theories, practicals and practices of the main areas of geosciences.

ii. producing graduates that are exemplary in the national geological surveys, research bodies, petroleum exploration, mining, appropriate areas in engineering practices and ground water exploration.

iii. praining students that will be able to compete well in all areas of challenges in the earth sciences which include mineralogy, petrology, geophysics, hydrogeology, petrology geology, stratigraphy and sequences stratigraphy, mining , environmental geology, geophysics mineral economics, applied sedimentology and geochemistry.

iv. exposing the students in such a way that their curiousity is sharpened in our various sub-disciplines so they can become well-equipped as problem solve as in the earth sciences.

v. exposing students to SIWES (Industrial Training Work Experience Scheme) to complement the field and practical exposures to which we subject them.

vi. producing professionally disciplined graduates that can positively impact their skills on their colleagues anywhere.

vii. to equip the students with adequate theoretical, practical and entrepreneurial skills to enable them develop into providers of employment rather than seekers of employment.

viii. to produce graduates that are registrable by the Council of Mining Engineers and Geoscientist of Nigeria – the body that regulates the practice of geosciences and mining engineering in Nigeria; and

ix. to produce graduates that will have the requisite academic background to continue with post graduate studies anywhere in the world.