Philosophy and Objectives


  1. To introduce students to law, equip them with various principles of judicial process and legal developments, and equip them with the basic tools that are necessary for legal analysis cum legal method
  2. To ensure that graduates in law have a good general knowledge of law, including a clear understanding of the role of law and the importance that it plays in the society
  3. To ensure that students have a broad general knowledge in and exposure to other disciplines in the process of acquiring legal
    education since human activities namely social, economic, political are inextricably interwoven with the law.


  1. To produce Law graduates who are equipped and eligible to use law as a tool for the resolution of various social, economic and political conflicts In the society.
  2. To equip law student with the knowledge and skills which qualify them for further studies as i- way of ensuring sustained academic
  3. To make legal education available to persons such as law enforcement officers, politicians, customs and immigration officers etc. who will need knowledge of law in their professions;
  4. To let other academic departments of the university have knowledge oflaw and add Law as combination subject/course for combined honours degrees such as Politics & Law, Business & Law, and Diplomacy & Law etc