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Natural Sciences
Faculty of Natural Sciences
B.Sc. (Ilorin), M. Sc. (Lagos), Ph.D (Ibadan)
1. Toxicological Evaluations of some Antimalarials, Macrolide Antibiotics, and the Fluoroquinolones Antibiotics
2. Protective or Ameliorative Potentials of some Polyphenolics and Flavonoids Antioxidants against Toxicity Induced by some Chemotherapeutic Agents.
3. Reproductive Toxicity of Some Herbicides in Non-Targeted Animal Models
  1. Ebenezer TundeOlayinka, and Ayokanmi Ore (2015). Hepatotoxicity, Nephrotoxicity and Oxidative Stress in Rat Testis Following Exposure to Haloxyfop-p-methyl ester, An Aryloxyphenoxypropionate Herbicide. Toxics (MDPI, Switzerland), 3: 373-389.
  2. Ayokanmi Ore and Ebenezer TundeOlayinka (2016). Fluazifop-p-butyl, an Aryloxyphenoxypropionate Herbicide Diminishes Renal and Hepatic Functions and TriggersTesticular Oxidative Stress in Orally Exposed Rats. Toxicology and Industrial Health (Hindawi Publishing Corporation) 2016 (1-10).
  3. Ebenezer TundeOlayinka, Ayokanmi Ore, OluwatobiAdewumiAdeyemo, and Olaniyi Solomon Ola (2016). Ameliorative Effect of Gallic Acid on Methotrexate -induced Hepatotoxicity and Nephrotoxicity in Rats. Journal of Xenobiotics. (Italy). 6:1 (2016). DOI:
  4. Ebenezer TundeOlayinka, Olaniyi Solomon Ola, Ayokanmi Ore, and OluwatobiAdewumiAdeyemo (2017). Ameliorative Effect of Caffeic Acid on Capecitabine-induced Hepatic and Renal Dysfunction: Involvement of the Antioxidant Defense System. Medicines (MDPI, Switzerland), 4: 78-81.
  5. Ebenezer TundeOlayinka, Olaniyi Solomon Ola, Ayokanmi Ore, and OluwatobiAdewumiAdeyemo. The impact of Procarbazine-induced Oxidative Stress on Testicular Function in Rat: The Role of Flavonoid Antioxidant, Morin in Improving It.  Porto Biomedical Journal, Portugal. 2018. Published ahead of Print.
• Member, Nigerian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (NSBMB)
• Member, Nigerian Society of Experimental Biology (NISEB)