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Staff Profile

Social Sciences
Department of Communication and Media Studies
Dr Adenike Omotayo Okeya
Lecturer II
Bsc., MSc., Ph.D Mass Communication
Broadcast Journalism, Development Communication, Film and cinematography, Health Communication
  1. Okeya, A. O & Oguntoye, C. A (2019). Living with the New Media: Implications for the Nigerian Youth Learning; Popoola, B. O & Oboh, G. E (eds) Political Economy of Media Operations in Nigeria, Oyo: Ajayi Crowther University Press
  2. Okeya, A. O (2018). Broadcast Ownership and News Credibility: A Comparative Study of African Independent Television and Ondo State Radiovision Corporation in Ondo State, Novena Journal of Communication, Vol 7, 2018.
  3. Okeya, A. O (2018).  Perception of Mass Communication Students in Selected Nigerian Universities  on the Use of Internet for data collection; ESUTJournal of Media Studies.
  4. Okeya, A. O (2018). Attitude of Women to Gender Representation on Television and Its Implications for Involvement in Politics in Ondo State. University of Benin Journal of Mass Communication.
  5. Okeya, A. O (2018). Audience Attitude to Online Advertising and its Implications on Terrestial Television Stations in Nigeria.Journal of Communication and Media Research
  6. Okeya, A. O (2018). Perception of Nigerian Media Interpretation of Recession among Undergraduates of Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo,Novena Journal of Communication
a) Member, Gender and African Studies Group, Babcock University, Ilishan Remo, Ogun State. ( BUGAS)
b) Member, Association of Communication Scholars and Practitioners of Nigeria (ACSPN)
c) Member, African Council For Communication Education (ACCE)