Philosophy & Objective


Biochemistry is an inter-disciplinary science. Our vision is to ensure that our students have adequate knowledge and practical skills in various aspects of the discipline of Biochemistry. This is to enable them perform effectively and efficiently through application of their knowledge and skills in various sectors of the economy like Food Industries, Breweries, Beverage producing industries, Water and Waste water treatment plants, Research Institution, Hospitals and many others. Their exposure to entrepreneurial training would make them self-employable and become employer of labour for the socio-economic emancipation of mankind. The Biochemistry programme aims at producing graduate biochemists who are not only equipped with knowledge in all modern aspects of the discipline but are also capable of providing solutions to Biochemistry related problems in Nigeria and the world at large.


The philosophy of the programme is to be achieved through the following objectives:

  1. To impart to students a good theoretical and practical knowledge in the physical, biological and mathematical sciences and to emphasize their interrelationship especially in the study of Biochemistry.
  2. To develop in students the ability to apply knowledge and skills to solving theoretical and practical problems in Biochemistry.
  3. To provide adequate and modern teaching and research facilities for the training of students to enable them perform excellently in different areas of specialization of Biochemistry or multi-disciplinary areas involving Biochemistry
  4. To provide avenues for Industrial training in the areas of interest of the students and motivate them to become excellent employees and
  5. To train students to appreciate and apply the knowledge gained to all areas of
  6. To develop in students an appreciation of the importance of biochemistry in industrial, economic, environmental, technological and social development
  7. To provide, through training and orientation, an appreciation of the rewards of inter- and multi-disciplinary approach to the solution of complex life
  8. To develop research skills for postgraduate work in Biochemistry and related